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Howdy! I'm Shannon, 37 year old mama to Owen, the funny-looking kid in the picture! I work freelance in the film industry, and in my limited spare time I love to knit, dye yarn, and hike with my baby boy and my dog (and my husband, if he's not working). I'm also learning to sew, hand-embroider, cross-stitch, and am fighting the neverending battle to improve my photography skills... if only to get great snapshots of my family and my finished crafts.
For 5 years now I've been posting as persnickety_jim , but I've decided to make the gradual change to tomboyknits , since that's my ravelry username and the name of my etsy shop, where I hope to soon be selling enough hand-knit longies and hand-dyed yarn to further fund my new hobbies.

I will be posting updates here, but I think I'm going to keep this journal friends only. Please comment to be added!
 Baby Molly Auction is live. My sweaters aren't up yet, but they will be adding stuff all week. All I can say is yowza! There's a lot of cute stuff, and people are bidding pretty high. Hopefully it helps Baby Molly and her family through this very difficult time. 

Yesterday's Dye


I finished a bunch of stripey soakers and board shorts for my shop. Now I'm ready to take a break from stripes, lol.

Here's a newborn set I did for a baby photographer - hopefully she'll get some cute photos with it. Check out her blog post with a baby in one of my soakers (third photo down). AWW.

Belated Christmas present

I finally finished these for Owen's best friend, Hilliard. I hate doing these huge toddler sizes!! Especially when stripes are involved, it's just so tedious. Thankfully the kid has a really short inseam.